Irish Translation – “Eochair” – “Edge/Border”

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

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Augher is a small village in County Tyrone.  It is located on the A4 halfway between Ballygawley and Clogher.  The River Blackwater flows just east of the village and crosses the main A4 at the entrance to the village from Belfast.

After the Nine Years’ War (1593-1603),  Augher was considered important enough to be used as a garrison town by the forces of Lord Mountjoy, Elizabeth I’s Lord Deputy of Ireland, to disrupt the army of the Earl of Tyrone.  In 1613 after the war and as part of the Plantation of Ulster, land around Augher was given to Sir Thomas Ridgway who had been Treasurer at War for Ireland.  Under Ridgway, Augher was awarded a Borough Charter by James I.  By 1630 ownership of Augher had passed to Sir James Erskine.  Upon his death Augher Castle and the estate passed into the ownership of the Richardson family who retained the estate well into the 19th century.

The Clogher Valley Railway line ran through the village.  The old railway station, a red brick single storey building, built by James Harvey of Enniskillen, has been very well preserved.  Augher Railway Station was opened on 2 May 1887 and closed on 1 January 1942.

Augher Castle

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  • Based at Clogher Valley Community Centre – The management committee of Clogher Valley Community Centre is a local voluntary group that works for the economic and social benefit of the area. If you are interested in visiting Augher/Clogher or finding out more about the heritage of the area.

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