Irish Translation – “Achadh Na Cloiche” – “Field Of The Stone”

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

Community Profile

Aughnacloy, sometimes spelt Auchnacloy, is a village in County Tyrone.  It is located close to the border with County Monaghan.

The River Blackwater flows south and west of the village and forms the border between County Tyrone and Monaghan and between Northern.  Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for this stretch of the river.

Much of the town was built in the 18th Century by Acheson Moore, the local landlord.  To show his support of the Jacobite cause, he planted the grounds of his estate in the shape of a thistle.  It is a great work of landscaping that cannot be recognised at ground level and indeed was forgotten for many years until modern aerial photography revealed the geometry of this Jacobite symbol of defiance.  Acheson Moore tried to name the village “Mooretown”, but he had to settle for naming the main street “Moore Street”, and the side streets Sydney, Lettice, and Henrietta (now Ravella Road), after his three wives.

Aughnacloy served as an important staging post on the road from Dublin to Derry.  However, lacking large-scale industry, it started to decline in the late 19th century.  It had its own railway station on the Clogher Valley Railway line from 1887 to 1942. The railways headquarters and locomotive workshop were also located in the village.

Photos:  Below (Left) St Mary’s Catholic Church

The foundation stone for St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church was laid on 28 February 1904 and its construction was in response to the growth of Aughnacloy towards the end of the 19th centrury when the population had reached over 1,800.

(Middle) Jackson Almshouse – Now Copperfields Private Nursing Home

Dr Alexander Jackson, a distinguished physician and native of Aughnacloy, left a bequest in his will for the provision of an Almshouse in or near the town.  The Almshouse was for the residence, support and maintenance of a number not exceeding seven, well conducted aged men and seven well conducted aged women, natives of the town or neighbourhood who had become reduced in their circumstances.

(Right) Jackson Almshouse with St Mary’s Catholic Church in background.

Aughnacloy Catholic Church 1Aughnacloy Catholic Church 3 Aughnacloy Village 4

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  • Aughnacloy Development Association is a community and voluntary group that takes responsibility for the overall economic and social development of the area.  Malcolm Duffey is a local history enthusiast and will help anyone interested in visiting or finding out more about the heritage of Aughnacloy.