Irish Translation –“Beann Borb” – “Proud/Prominent Cliff”

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

Community Profile

Benburb is a hamlet and townland in County Tyrone on the border with County Armagh.  The impressive Benburb Castle, built in 1611 by Sir Richard Wingfield, stands on a limestone cliff overlooking the River Blackwater on the border between County Tyrone and County Armagh.  The castle is in excellent condition having been recently restored by the NIEA. After the Plantation, there were a number of rebellions across Ulster.  The best known is the Battle of Benburb that took place there in 1646.  In later years Benburb became known for its linen production and later still for the growing of apples and mushrooms.  The village is home to a beautiful old manor house, built as a summer holiday home by the Bruce Family.  In 1947 it was bought by the Servite Order as a priory and conference centre.  Benburb is also located on the Ulster Canal.  The construction of the canal commenced on the 23rd May 1834 in the townland of Carrickaness just outside Benburb.

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