Referred to locally as “Caufle” or “Cawfield” and pronounced Castlecaufield in Ulster Scots dialect.

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

Community Profile

Castlecaulfield is a small village in County Tyrone, about two miles west of Dungannon.  It was built sometime after the Plantation of Ulster which began in 1607.  The area was formerly known as Ballydonnelly and was originally part of the O’Neill clan’s territory before it was undertaken by the Scottish settlers.  The Castle was built between 1611–1619 to protect the local population from Irish attacks.  It was built by Toby Caulfield, (later Viscount Charlemont).  George Walker who was Governor of the City of Londonderry during the 1689 Siege of the city is buried in the local parish churchyard.

In 2015 the village won first prize in the prestigious “Ulster in Bloom” competition and has been in the top three category since 2011.Castlecaulfield 4