Origin of name – Originally called “Achadh an Dá Chora” – “The Field Of The Two Weirs”, then renamed in honour of Charles Blount, the last viceroy of Queen Elizabeth I, combining Charle and Mont, the French word for hill – Charlemont.

Council Area – Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council 

Community Profile

Charlemont is a small village in County Armagh. Charlemont Bridge joins the village on the east bank of the River Blackwater, to Moy village on the west side.

In 1600, Charles Blount was sent to Ireland as the last viceroy of Queen Elizabeth I.  He joined a group of mercenaries who had been fighting in the valley of the Blackwater.  He came to the place now known as Charlemont, where he established a bridge of wood and a fort to guard the bridge in 1602.  In 1650, Charlemont was besieged by English Parliamentarian forces during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland.  The English took the fort from its Irish Catholic garrison under Phelim O’Neill, despite taking heavy casualties.  It was again an important post during the Williamite War in Ireland and its Jacobite garrison under Sir Teague O’Reagan was placed under a lengthy siege until being forced to surrender to the Williamite forces of Marshal Schomberg in 1690.

Photos:   Below (Left) Charlemont Bridge looking towards Moy    Below (Right) View of Blackwater River from Charlemont Bridge

Charlemont Village to Moy 2   River view taken from Charlemont Bridge 3