Killeeshil / Clonaneese

Irish Translation – Clonaneese – “Angus’ Meadow”

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

Community Profile

Killeeshil and Clonaneese is a rural community located between Ballygawley and Castlecaulfield.  The name and the extent of the area is derived from the parish boundary of the Roman Catholic Parish of Killeeshil and the Presbyterian Parish of Clonaneese.  The area is made up of rural farmland with small settlements at Ackinduff and Cabragh.

The area has a rich heritage based on agricultural production and linen production, with water powered corn mills and flax scutching mills located along the tributaries of the River Blackwater.

In later years, two local engineers, John Finlay and Sylvester Mallon started small engineering factories producing equipment for the construction industry that has created a legacy of over 30 engineering businesses which now export globally.

Photos:  (Below & Right) St Paul’s Church of Ireland, Killeeshil

Killeeshil Church of Ireland 5     Killeeshil Church of Ireland 4