Irish Translation – “An Maigh” – “The Plain”

Council Area – Mid Ulster District Council

Community Profile

Moy, (known to locals as “The Moy”), is a large village in County Tyrone built on the banks of the River Blackwater. On the opposite bank of the river in County Armagh, is the smaller village of Charlemont.  The two are joined by Charlemont Bridge.  The history of Moy and Charlemont is closely linked, indeed Charlemont is 160 years older than Moy, built in 1601 as a fort to protect a new crossing over the River Blackwater.

The formal rectangular Moy Square with its lawns and horse-chestnut trees was designed and laid out in the 1760’s by the “Volunteer Earl”, James Caulfield, 1st Earl of Charlemont 1728-1799.  It was inspired by Bosco Marengo in Lombardy, Italy, which the young Earl had admired greatly during his grand tour of Europe.

The houses lining the village square are mostly mid-18th century, though all four churches are of a later period.  Moy was famous for it’s  great horse fair which was held every month.