Augher Castle

Location: Augher

Augher Castle – also referred to as Spur Royal Castle

To the west of Augher is Spur Royal Castle, a typical plantation tower house.  It was built in 1615 by Lord Ridgeway on the site of an older fortress and was burnt in 1689 by the Jacobites as the Siege of Derry was underway.  It was restored and extended in 1832 and a large and handsome mansion built adjoining it by Sir J. M. Richardson Bunbury, Bart.  The tower house is about 30 feet square and three storeys high.  The entrance is on the east wall with a machicolation above.  It was surrounded by a wall 12 feet high and flanked by four circular towers; the wall has been removed, but one of the round towers has been restored and the entrance gateway has also been removed and rebuilt on an elevated situation commanding some find views, in which the remains of the old castle form an interesting object:  the mansion is situated in a well-wooded demesne of 220 acres and upon the margin of a beautiful lake.

Address:  8 Knockmany Road, Augher, BT77 0BE

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