Caledon Courthouse

Location: Caledon

For many years during the troubles in Northern Ireland the border village of Caledon in County Tyrone looked shabby, with many derelict and unused buildings along the main street. It looks very different now, as the restored Courthouse building testifies.  Set slightly back from the main street, the former Courthouse, Inn and Dispensary combine to form an important focal point on Main Street.  All three were designed by William Murray and built in 1832 at a cost of £3,000 under the instruction of James Alexander the Second Earl of Caledon.  The Courthouse includes attractive columns, a portico, four sided clock tower and cupola.  It is said that a tunnel ran across the street to the former barracks.  The courtyard to the rear was once used for weekly markets.

There is an impressive private collection of World War II memorabilia on display in the courthouse, and a poignant tale of a Texan GI who became part of a local Caledon family.

The courthouse clock has pride of place in the village, but its old mechanism is located elsewhere in the courthouse.

Caledon Courthouse clocktowerCaledon, Courthouse