Castlecaulfield Castle

Castlecaulfield Castle 3In 1609 Sir Toby Caulfield, an English solider who had fought for Queen Elizabeth I in Spain and the lowlands against Hugh O’Neill in Ireland, was rewarded by King James I with 1000 acres at Ballydonnelly.  He later received a knighthood and became Lord Charlemount.  Here he built a village for his men which he called Castlecaulfield and in 1614 he built this castle for himself in the English style. It is generally believed an O’Donnelly fort originally stood here.
The castle was built from limestone and probably had a slated roof.  It had cellars, a small court, and a medieval style gate lodge for defensive purposes.  The site was not a particularly defensive one.  In the rebellion of 1641 the castle was attacked by the O’Donnelly’s and burned and it has been a ruin ever since.

Directions: The castle ruins are located on the right, 100 yds from the village centre, on the Old Dungannon Road as you exit the village heading for Dungannon.

Castlecaulfield Castle 1