Errigal Keerogue Church and Cross

Errigal Kerogue Cross 1/Taken from Killymaddy files

Located between Augher and Clogher, this ancient ecclesiastical site provides a splendid view over the Clogher Valley from a prominent hill on its northern flank.  It had Saint Ciaran as its patron saint, though it is believed to have been founded by St. Mac Cairthenn, who died in 506.

The main item of interest is a stone cross having the features of a celtic cross inscribed on one face of its imperforate ring, while the other face bears a cross. The cross may never have been finished.  Built into the interior north wall of the dilapidated medieval church close by is the replica of a medieval effigy of an apparently male figure whose head, made of a different material and now lost, was sunk into its surface; it may have represented the local saint rather than having been a tombstone.

Directions:  Approximately half a mile outside Augher on the road to Clogher, the Church and Cross are signposted. Take to the right at the signpost and drive for approximately two and a half miles.  The Church and Cross are up a short track on the left.

Errigal Keerogue Old Church 2Errigal Keerogue Cross 1