Knockmany Cairn (Passage Tomb)

 Knockmany Cairn

Just north of Augher is  Knockmany Forest, a government-run forestry plantation on Knockmany Hill.  At the top, lies the Knockmany Chambered Cairn, said to be the burial place of Queen Aine, Queen of Oriel, a 6th century kingdom whose centre was Clogher.  The cairn is a passage grave dating from Neolithic times.  The cairn commands superb views south over the Clogher Valley.  The covering cairn in its present form is modern, added in 1959 to protect the stones from weathering and vandalism.  Excavation showed that a passage of the classic passage tomb is absent but several of the stones forming the chamber are decorated with characteristic passage tomb art including circles, spirals and zigzags.  This type of monument consists of a stone built passage leading to a terminal chamber, often cruciform in shape and covered by a mound or cairn of stones.  The remarkable thing about this grave is its incised decoration, in concentric circles, zigzags and other designs, which are similar in style to the great earthworks in the Boyne Valley, County Meath.

Directions:  Coming from Dungannon, follow the signpost and take a right in the centre of the village onto the Knockmany Road.

The Cairn is opened by appointment .

For more information please contact Ranfurly House Arts and Visitor Centre, Dungannon

Telephone:  028 87 728600