McKenna Chieftain’s Graves

Several of the McKenna chieftains are buried in the Old Donagh Graveyard, including Phelimy McKenna and his four sons, who were massacred by Cromwellian followers in 1666.  A fifth son, Major John McKenna, who escaped that massacre, later went on to lead the Irish forces at the Battle of Drumbanagher in 1689, and he is also buried here.

It is also the final resting place of Fr. Charles McKenna, who was chaplain to the Irish Brigade that fought for the French at the Battle of Fontenoy on Belgium in 1745.

Finally, the truly remarkable William ‘Bully’ McKenna was buried here in 1816.  His son John, better known as ‘Don Juan McKenna’, fought as a second-in-command to General Bernardo O’Higgins during the Chilean War of Independence with Spain.

Address: Donagh, Emyvale, Co Monaghan