Mullan Mill and Mill Race

Mullan has an exceptionally rich history as a milling location and according to tradition had been a centre of the linen industry in the 18th century and early 19th centuries.  By 1857 the cottages and a substantial flax mill, with its associated mill race, had been developed on the site. Later it was known for the manufacture of Bullock Irish Serge.  In the early part of the 20th century the mill fell into disuse.  The village lay idle and deserted for many years until in 1924 a private company was formed and Mullan was revived with the establishment of a shoe factory on the site.  By 1925 80 people were employed in the manufacture of heavy footwear, the Mill Brand and the Border Brand.  The village was bought by the Boylan family in 1944 and up to the late 1970’s was a busy and bustling rural centre.

Mullan mill-race is over 1km long and reputed to be the longest mill-race in Ireland.

Address:  Mullan, Co Monaghan