Rossmore Forest Park

The Barony of Rossmore was created in 1769 and Robert Cunningham, an MP for Monaghan Barough from 1769-1796 became the first Baron.  Following his death, his wife’s nephew, Warner Westenra, succeeded the title.  It was he who commenced the building of Rossmore Castle and his son, Henry Robert, completed it.  Only the buttresses to the castle walls and the entrance stairway now remain providing a viewing point to the surrounding countryside.  Examples of a Wedge Tomb and a Court Tomb dating back to about 3000 – 1800 BC exist within the park.  A gold ‘lunula’ or collar, dating from 1800 BC was discovered in the park around 1930 and is on display in the National Museum, Dublin.  A walled garden was developed as a ‘formal garden’.  Its main attraction is the yew hedges and arched walkways of trained shrubs.

Directions:  From Monaghan, take N54 to R189 on left. Go toward Clones. Entrance approximately 1 mile on left.