St Columba’s Parish Church, Derrygortreavy

St. Columba’s Parish Church (COI) – Derrygortreavy

A commencement was made in 1813 to build the new Derrygortreavy church, when the site, which is but a short distance North-west (one mile) from the ancient church site, was obtained from the then Lord Northland, the ‘owner’ of the soil. The church, described as a small neat edifice with a lofty square tower, was erected in 1815 at a cost of £800, which was contributed by the Board of First Fruits. The next step was the erection of a residence for the clergyman, and in 1820 a fee farm grant of glebe lands was obtained in the townland of Drumnashalogue (‘the ridge of the hunt’) from the Evans family. This glebe house was built in 1822 at a cost of £500, contributed by the board of first Fruits, with only £50 of the amount being repayable. The Evans family were largely responsible for the plans and design, as their relative, the Rev. George Evans was the first occupant. However, it was not until the building was approaching completion that it was found that the necessity for a staircase had been forgotten. The result was that a covered stairway had to be erected outside the building, but this has been somewhat modified. The glebe house has always been called Greystone Rectory, and the signpost which had been near the church had ‘Greystone’ on one of its arms, but any wayfarer who looks for a village of that name or house of refreshment will be disappointed. There is a post-office which is now closed, and a new bungalow where our organist Christine Devlin lives.

A parochial school was built beside the church in 1825 and was aided by an annual donation from Lord Ranfurly. It is now occupied by the local Orange Society, and used by the church as a parochial hall, but there were until recently several good elementary schools within the bounds of the parish. The church bell was placed in the tower in 1833 and still calls the faithful to worship every Sunday. It was subsequently found that some townlands in the north-east corner of the parish were awkwardly situated for parochial purposes, and so in 1920, Moygashel, Mullaghanagh, and Mullaghadrolly were separated from Derrygortreavy and added to the adjoining Parish of Drumglass (Dungannon).

Address:  St Columbas (COI), Killybracken Road, Derrygortreavy, Dungannon, BT70 1NU

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