St Michael’s Church, Castlecaulfield

The original Parish Church of Donaghmore situated in Donaghmore Old Graveyard had been severely damaged in the 1641 rebellion.  In 1673 Lord Charlemont then decided to have a new church build on a site adjacent to his house in Castlecaulfield.  The new church was consecrated in 1687.  It consisted of a nave and a tower which was surrounded by a steeple and it had a gallery.  The original steeple had been cracked by vibrations from the bell and had to be taken down.  The Transepts and Chancel were added about 1861.  Two figures built into the north wall of the tower are said to have come from Donaghmore Abbey and a sundial on the south side of the tower is dated 1685.  The Rev. George Walker and his wife Isabella are buried inside the church.

Address:  70 Main Street, Castlecaulfield, BT70 3NP

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