Kingfisher Cycle Trail

The Kingfisher Cycle Trail was the first long distance cycle trail in Ireland and follows minor country roads through the border counties of Fermanagh, Leitrim, Cavan, Donegal and Monaghan.

The trail travels through landscape dotted with rivers and lakes. This unique mixture of lake-lands, canal side tracks, rolling hills, leafy lane-ways and mountain climbs make the Kingfisher Trail the ideal choice for all levels of Cyclist. The overall figure of 8 encompasses a number of shorter trails which are designed for anything from 1 day to 8 day tours. The Kingfisher Cycle Trail is over 300 miles of public roadway winding through rural countryside, Lake-lands, Atlantic Coast and Mountain Trail.

The Kingfisher Cycle Trail is made up of six optional paths, we call them rides. Numbered one through six. The main route consists of the Northern Loop (Ride 1) and the Southern Loop (Ride 2), together they both make a figure of eight pattern. You, the cyclist, can choose what parts to follow! Ride 6 brings you into Co Monaghan through Clones, Newbliss and Scotshouse.